Top 10 Things to Stop Doing to Piss Off Your Wife

10. Talking to someone else when you’re talking to her, even if what she’s saying isn’t too important.

9. Taking off your clothes next to the bed and then going into the bathroom where your hamper is.

8. Taking off your work clothes and leaving them, and shoes, in the middle of the floor.

7. Saying, sorry, I was at lunch, when her lunch was cold chicken nuggets with the kids.

6. Not owning up to the fact you’ve been an ass.

5. Saying you’ll take care of it…two months ago.

4.Telling her her job is hard…but yours is harder.

3. Not doing what she asks – and then telling HER to do it.

2. Not doing the ONE thing she said HAD to be done that weekend.

1. Imply her being upset is PMS – even if it is!

Post Author: Angela Corry