The Endless Cleaning Cycle

I feel like I’m always cleaning and that the house is never actually clean. I’ve been having trouble trying to figure out why that is. This morning I had an epiphany – it’s not that I don’t clean enough, I just clean the same things over and over.

In the past two weeks I’ve cleaned the bathroom twice, washed the kitchen floor twice, vacuumed about 5 times (not counting the constant Dustbuster hum), emptied the dishwasher a good 10 times, changed sheets, wiped off the couches 3-4 times. All of it needs to be done again in the next day or so.

What I have not done is pick up a dust rag, pick up the odds and ends tucked around the house, put together Charlee’s new picnic table (the box is still in the hall). Thank goodness for closet doors, cause I need them! Before kids it was not my issue – the husband, well that’s another lost cause! (LOL – he is right now saying he cleans – ask him how many clothes are next to his side of the bed, what is covering his bathroom floor, and how much laundry he has to do) Clutter, not DIRT is making the house a disaster.

Basically, had I not vacuumed once, and not wiped the couches once, I probably could have dusted. You wouldn’t want to enter my house had I made that decision! Oh, well. Toys, well that’s just a lost cause. Clutter, yeah, same thing. Because once you figure in cooking 2-3 meals a day, changing diapers, showering, doing laundry, pulling the kids apart, Facebook time, phone time – who has time to dust!?!

The house looks like a disaster, and it drives me crazy. At least I know I’m cleaning even if no one else sees it!

Post Author: Angela Corry