SHHH Don’t tell my husband…

I was a SUCKER!!!

It’s ok, he won’t be surprised.

If you didn’t already know, Hokey Pokey Elmo is a top ten toy this season. Toys R Us is sold out. want $75 for it (it’s a $25 toy). Catie LOVES Elmo and she bops along whenever there’s music on so I had to have it for her. I got it on eBay. I confess.

What’s interesting is that unlike the Cabbage Patch Kid craze of the ’80s when mom’s (dad’s too I’m sure) stood online from the wee hours of the morning to pay crazy amounts for THE doll to have, I popped open my laptop, went online and searched for the best prices and all I paid extra was shipping. No gas or coffee money needed; no clothing, shower or hairspray needed! So it pretty much balances out. And come on – you guys didn’t leave the house without a spritz of Aqua Net!!

For all those parents who did stand in line all those years ago, I salute you. Thanks MOM!!! It was one of my most memorable toys.

My SECOND one was just as special, a pretty redhead I got early for my birthday since my party that year was before the actual day. (The same year my dad put up the swing set, in time for my party, so thanks DAD too!)

And while I swore never to be one of the crazy, gotta have it parents, I too have succumbed to the idea of my little girl’s smile getting the perfect toy from Santa.

Post Author: Angela Corry