Potty Training Secrets Revealed

Not really. Sorry, I’ve got none.

I totally suck at potty training. I have no patience to sit much more than 15 minutes in the bathroom. I get distracted and forget to ask if the girls have to go. Of course it doesn’t help when you’re faced with serious resistance.

Charlotte was a hard case, she was hit or miss when you got her on the potty. She has less of an ability to sit than I do, so there were no bribes to get her to stay put. I tried chocolate, gifts and finally a potty chart. When she finally did complete it she did get gifts, really nice ones from her grandmothers who spent as much time, if not more, sitting on the bathroom floor with her than I did. She actually stayed put for them, she wanted to make them happy. But there was never consistency.

I have my excuses – some really good ones. She didn’t walk till she was 18 months, her sister was born when she was 20 months and I had a rough pregnancy. Then Catie had her reflux issues. Just a litany of things that made things harder.

When she was accepted into the special ed program they of course asked if she was trained. I had to say no. Charlotte was 3 at the time. It took them a good 5 months to keep her dry, which made me feel a little better about my failure. By Christmas she was in panties full time. She regressed a tad for overnight, then one day told me she was done with pull ups and that was that.

In light of my failure with Charlotte I swore Catie would be different. Then I met Catie. The obstinate little bugger wanted no part in potty training. The problem we had was that she was smart enough to know better. She started telling me she needed to be changed, specifically telling me that she peed. But she never went on the potty. Charlotte even sat with her a few times ‘reading’ to her. But as soon as the pull up was back on she went. We knew she had the control she needed, just not the desire.

This past June I decided with the nice weather coming we would stay outside in panties, saving my carpets. So much for nice weather potty training. We kept pushing, she started screaming. Literally hysterics at the suggestion of going on the potty. September rolled around and I was completely fed up with buying diapers. I kept pushing. Charlotte taunted her sister by calling her a baby cause she was still in diapers – and I let her do it. Then one day I was sitting with her and suggested she try to do on the potty what she did in her diaper. And that was it. She got it. Peed right then and there.

Two weeks later, present day, she is in panties during the day, diapers at night. She has done three hour plus outings in pull ups staying totally dry, even asking to go potty. We’re having some issues pooping – she will neither go in a pull up or the potty – but I expect the progress to continue. Catie’s 2 1/2, so I don’t consider her a success story, I’m simply relieved that she’s going on the potty. And of course thrilled with the money we’re saving on diapers and pull ups!

So no, I don’t have advice for others potty training. The best I can do is say to hang in there, eventually something will click and you’ll be as thrilled as we are now.

Post Author: Angela Corry