No my child’s not slow, she’s tall!

Yes, I know my daughter is the size of the average 3 year old, but she’s not 3, she’s 2. Actually not even 2 a week yet. She’s a tad under 3 feet tall. She doesn’t talk much, she isn’t as coordinated as older kids, but for her age she is amazingly gifted – and that’s not just her mom talking!

I’m getting pretty damn tired of people thinking she’s slow cause she’s big and then whispering about it. The last time this happened I actually said, She’s not slow, she’s 2! The looks change from pity to understanding and embarrassment. Ask me how old she is, ask me if she’s delayed, JUST SAY SOMETHING TO ME instead of your looks.

But what’s worse than parents is the older kids who are the same height as her that ignore her or bully her because she can’t communicate their way and she’s a bit slower running. Just what are these parents teaching their children, cause I know mine are being taught to appreciate EVERYONE NO MATTER WHAT.

My husband and I actually worry that our daughter is so accepting she’s going to get run over by even her peers – but then she reams us out for something and we’re confident she can hold her own out there!

Post Author: Angela Corry