Eggs Benedict and Mimosa pairings for National Egg Day

Eggs Benedict is my go to decadent breakfast for New Year’s Day and Mother’s Day. I started pairing the dish with a mimosa so as not to waste leftover champagne from toasting and the combination, which most people have when out to brunch is now a beloved tradition. Which is why I want to introduce you to the numerous ways you can make eggs benedict for National Egg Day.

Before we go into recipes, I want to assure you that as fancy as it sounds, this dish is not as complicated as it looks.

There are two tricks – first have your eggs ready and swirl the water before you drop them in, this keeps the egg together. Second, hollandaise sauce is easy to make once you stop being scared.

Funny story, at least to me – my nephew, who went to culinary school, attempted a hollandaise sauce which refused to thicken and then broke. Not willing to wait any longer to eat, I busted out my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and had a sauce done in minutes.

And once you master the hollandaise sauce, have fun pouring it over so many things!

Now, the traditional eggs benedict is english muffin, canadian bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce. You’ve also probably heard of crab and florentine style dishes as well. But there are so many other varieties your head will spin. Same with mimosas.

So without further ado, here are some eggs benedict and mimosa pairings!

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Post Author: Angela Corry