potty training

Potty Training Secrets Revealed

Not really. Sorry, I’ve got none. I totally suck at potty training. I have no patience to sit much more than 15 minutes in the bathroom. I get distracted and forget to ask if the girls have to go. Of course it doesn’t help when you’re faced with serious resistance. Charlotte was a hard case, […]

Message Board Parents Can Be Real Idiots

Once again I have remembered why I have been actively avoiding the speech-delay boards on my favorite parenting website, babycenter.com. Parents are IDIOTS. It started a good 6 months ago when I responded to a parent who knew her 3-year-old had a delay – her doctor told her when he was 18 months to have […]

writing, word

The Power of the Written Word

Between my fifteen year anniversary just around the corner and the ridiculous amount of time I spend on Facebook I’ve become curious about memories. I, of course, remember the big things that happened, I just don’t always remember what led up to them. And I wonder why certain things played out as they did. At […]

All grown up?

The big day is here, the high chair is being packed away. I handled putting away bottles, the baby swing, little socks and shoes, even the infant car seat very well. This one, this is painful. Once this is gone the last bit of baby stuff in the house is Catie’s crib – which just […]


The Endless Cleaning Cycle

I feel like I’m always cleaning and that the house is never actually clean. I’ve been having trouble trying to figure out why that is. This morning I had an epiphany – it’s not that I don’t clean enough, I just clean the same things over and over. In the past two weeks I’ve cleaned […]

Simply, from my heart

I am beginning to feel like SISYPHUS in my quest to get my daughter speech help. It seems like every time we get close, everything comes tumbling down. We are approaching the top of the hill again and I am waiting to fall, once again. It really is the most horrible feeling. Part of me […]

SHHH Don’t tell my husband…

I was a SUCKER!!! It’s ok, he won’t be surprised. If you didn’t already know, Hokey Pokey Elmo is a top ten toy this season. Toys R Us is sold out. Amazon.com want $75 for it (it’s a $25 toy). Catie LOVES Elmo and she bops along whenever there’s music on so I had to […]

shark tale

How kids get into EVERYTHING

Yeah, you know that. But this story is different, I promise! It all began when Charlotte was 2 months old. After nights of fussiness and fighting sleep we were flipping channels and Shark Tale, starring Will Smith, came on HBO. In an instant our screaming child was silent. And from then on, thanks to Cablevision’s […]

children, baby, babies

What no one told you about having babies

When one sleeps the other not only doesn’t, but won’t let you do anything but hold her. Sleeping is a luxury, not for the first few months, but for the next 18 years. You stop wondering why people bring sticky children to the store – it happened with the bribe in the car on the […]

No my child’s not slow, she’s tall!

Yes, I know my daughter is the size of the average 3 year old, but she’s not 3, she’s 2. Actually not even 2 a week yet. She’s a tad under 3 feet tall. She doesn’t talk much, she isn’t as coordinated as older kids, but for her age she is amazingly gifted – and […]