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Marshmallow Roasting Quiz

Take this quiz and answer the age-old question of how well done a marshmallow should be for thorough enjoyment of the summertime treat – s’mores! Fill out my online form. The easy to use Wufoo form builder helps you make forms easy, fast, and fun.

eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict and Mimosa pairings for National Egg Day

Eggs Benedict is my go to decadent breakfast for New Year’s Day and Mother’s Day. I started pairing the dish with a mimosa so as not to waste leftover champagne from toasting and the combination, which most people have when out to brunch is now a beloved tradition. Which is why I want to introduce you […]

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Where has all the phone etiquette gone?

I’m not sure if phone etiquette started going to the wayside when caller ID was conceived or whether the lack of nicety is because of cell phones, but it irks me when someone calls and doesn’t make an attempt to identify themselves or request the person to whom they wish to speak.   Way back […]

Super Simple Salads for Dinner

As the weather heats up I’m looking for dinners that are light and cool – not only to make but to eat as well. That’s where salads come in. Growing up a salad was iceberg lettuce with tomato, cucumber, carrots if we had any and were topped with a bottled dressing. Except in the summer […]

A conversation with Grandpa

The weather today is crummy, rainy and cold. I’m trying to decide what to grow in my garden this year – I hope we get more sun so my tomatoes grow. I’m doing the usual lettuce, cukes, beans…I might try some spinach this year. Carl’s enjoying his new job. He’s writing again, which makes him […]

potty training

Potty Training Secrets Revealed

Not really. Sorry, I’ve got none. I totally suck at potty training. I have no patience to sit much more than 15 minutes in the bathroom. I get distracted and forget to ask if the girls have to go. Of course it doesn’t help when you’re faced with serious resistance. Charlotte was a hard case, […]

Message Board Parents Can Be Real Idiots

Once again I have remembered why I have been actively avoiding the speech-delay boards on my favorite parenting website, Parents are IDIOTS. It started a good 6 months ago when I responded to a parent who knew her 3-year-old had a delay – her doctor told her when he was 18 months to have […]

writing, word

The Power of the Written Word

Between my fifteen year anniversary just around the corner and the ridiculous amount of time I spend on Facebook I’ve become curious about memories. I, of course, remember the big things that happened, I just don’t always remember what led up to them. And I wonder why certain things played out as they did. At […]

All grown up?

The big day is here, the high chair is being packed away. I handled putting away bottles, the baby swing, little socks and shoes, even the infant car seat very well. This one, this is painful. Once this is gone the last bit of baby stuff in the house is Catie’s crib – which just […]