And the doctor said…

It’s one thing when ignorant people make stupid comments to pregnant women, but it’s another when a doctor puts a foot in her mouth.

Throughout my first pregnancy I had a lot of people ask if I was having twins. I shrugged it off figuring the clientele at Home Depot didn’t have sensors for these things and that my apron made me look bigger.

Today I took the little one to the doctor and since I was there I figured I should ask about what the procedure was to have them inspect the new one at the hospital. She commented that since I had about a month left… I must have given her a look at that point because she paused and asked when I was due. Her jaw literally dropped when I said march 26. I reassured her that I had quite a few comments about my size when carrying the first one. She said so did she and she had gained 65 pounds. Foot in mouth again since I’ve gained 14 to date and it’s all in the belly! Besides I only gained 38 with the first and that was with a month of semi bed rest and swelling from preeclampsia.

But she’s sweet and Charlee loves her, which with doctors one cannot complain.

Post Author: Angela Corry